This page is your source for accessing the policies of First Evangelical Lutheran Church. Please visit often, to see the latest church policies that have been added.

Building Request
If you or your committee would like to schedule the church for an event OR would like information posted on the calendar please contact the Office Secretary. There are several ways you can forward this information:
Fill out a building use request form, located in the Fellowship Hall next to the calendar, and return them to the office. Electronic forms will be made available through the church website in the near future.
Email the information to the Church Office.
Call the office with your information; (208) 522-9301.
You can find more information about our building use policy, along with tips and suggestions.
The office will be more than happy to collect information for events that are not held in the building but we ask that you let the office know ahead of time. It is the responsibility of the person(s) organizing the event to get the information from the office and act on it. To prevent confusion, overbooking and misinformation, only information going through the Office will be posted on the calendar.

First Lutheran Church congratulates you on your upcoming marriage. We are pleased to make our facilities and members of our staff available to help you. We hope and trust that the occasion of your wedding will be one you treasure and will be one of reverence, beauty and joy.
You can find more information about our wedding policies, along with tips and suggestions.
Please contact the Church office for more information and to set up your appointment.