Happy Stitchers

Quilt Making with the Happy Stitchers

The Happy Stitchers group of First Evangelical Lutheran Church meets every Tuesday morning, year-round from 9 a.m. to noon.
Presently, its focus is making quilts for each child in the FELC preschool and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.
These are "lap-size" quilts that are distributed to all floors in the hospital, from rehabilitation to maternity and pediatrics.
During the summer, school-age children are invited to come and learn the basics of quilt making.
They can learn to design and, if old enough, sew and do binding.  
Visit us at 55 W. Sunnyside Road in Idaho Falls or call 208-522-9301 for more information.

Supplying Much-Needed Quilts to the Hospital

Happy Stitchers was founded with that name in 1988. For many years, the ladies of the church who sewed sent their quilts to Lutheran World Relief. They did not have an official name. In 1988, the Happy Stitchers adopted their name and focused their quilt making on the Idaho Youth Ranch in Rupert, ID.
Each year they would bring approximately 20 to 25 quilts to the ranch. In 2014, the ranch closed its doors in Rupert and relocated to Boise. This made it too great of a distance for the Happy Stitchers to make its annual day trip to deliver quilts. 
Quilts are still sent on request, but the client numbers have decreased and it was decided to keep the recipients local. The hospital was a perfect place.

'Wrapping the World in God's Love, One Quilt at a Time'

Under the umbrella of Happy Stitchers is Friends in Stitching, who meet alternating Fridays. Participation in this group encourages sewers to bring their own projects or sew hospital gowns for Hospice of Eastern Idaho.
Another project that is always appreciative of help is the making of senior year quilts. Each graduating senior in our congregation receives a quilt. They are encouraged to select the colors and help by tying the quilt that has been made for them.
One more project is the sewing and designing of Baptismal quilts that are presented to everyone, from babies to adults, who receive the sacrament of Baptism in our congregation.
The motto of Happy Stitchers is "Wrapping the world in God's Love, one quilt at a time."

Visit Our Facebook Page for More Information

For tips, pictures and schedules on the Happy Stitchers, visit its Facebook page. There is more than one Happy Stitchers group on Facebook, so make sure you put Idaho Falls in the description.
You can also check the church calendar and bulletin. Each week there is fellowship time at 10 a.m. with coffee and refreshments that the group takes turns providing. Visitors are welcome. Bible Study is once a month on the second Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m.
Donations of fabric and other sewing materials are always welcome. An auction is held every three to four years to raise funds to perpetuate the ability to continue making quilts.