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Keep yourself updated with the latest news and information about First Evangelical Lutheran Church. Take a look at our news and events below to find out the dates of various events at First Evangelical Lutheran Church. For all scheduled events, check out our events calendar.

Call us at 208-522-9301 for more information.  

Upcoming Events

Game Night! Friday September 24th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm here at First Lutheran Church in the Fellowship Hall. Snacks and drinks provided. Hope you can join the fun! Call Patti Chapin 208-351-7537 or Anne Mitchell 208-221-8000.

Women's Ministry: “Join us for the first (of many) ladies luncheons on October 2nd, 11:30 am at Johnny Carinos in Ammon. The luncheon will be held the first Saturday of every month and ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME!! We will start with a small devotional and prayer, followed by great food and company. If you have any questions, reach out to Elizabeth Miner at 208-201-3623.”

Mark your calendar for the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday November 14th.

Annual Men and Boys Retreat

Annual Men and Boys retreat at Old Faithful Christian Ranch.

We will be having a Men and Boys (14 and up) Spiritual Retreat at the Old Faithful Christian Ranch in Island Park, Idaho. It is sponsored by First Evangelical Lutheran Church (FELC) and open to other churches in the area with a target attendance of about 50 and an expected cost of about $110.

The theme has not been finalized but is likely to center around a “Servant of the Kingdom of Christ” mindset. For instance, how can each of our churches work with each other, playing on strengths and offsetting weaknesses? How can we as a community work together to reach the lost and plug them into a church where they will thrive?

The retreat is planned to start with dinner at approximately 6:00 PM Friday night, October 8th and will dismiss after a Sunday morning worship service on October 10th. Food and lodging are provided. Salad and other nutritious green things will be among the offerings, but we won’t tell how much you take. You need to bring your own sleep gear. Past events included:

Friday: Dinner and a workshop followed by social time including food.

Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper with workshops in between. Saturday night is a social time, again including food. Possibly some free time in the afternoon for activities like fishing, hiking, target practice, sleeping, and sitting around eating more food. The lateness of the season, weather and etc., may affect what Saturday afternoon looks like.

Sunday: Breakfast, a time of worship which finalizes the message of the weekend, and heading home.

At the beginning, 10 slots will be reserved for each of the churches. As the event gets closer, we can reallocate unused space to those with a waiting list. If anyone needs a scholarship or would like to contribute toward a scholarship fund for those who cannot afford the retreat, please let me know. registrations will be coordinated through the FELC Church Office. Call 208-522-9301.

Regular Activities at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, and How YOU can Participate!

Friends in Fellowship is in the Fellowship Hall following worship. All are invited for refreshments and to get more acquainted. If you would like to help with set-up on Saturdays or serving on Sundays contact Donna 208-524-7402.

The Happy Stitchers group creates quilts (up to 200 a year) to be given away to local charities. We meet Tuesday mornings from 9:00 am -12:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Each person chooses which part of quilt making they would like to do (ironing, cutting, designing, sewing, tying, binding). We have a time for fellowship and snacks. We welcome new people. No previous skill is required. For more information contact Amelia McDaniel at 208-534-8340.

Friends in Stitches is an informal group that meets Friday afternoons from 1:00 - 4:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. We sew on personal projects (mostly quilts, but other sewing projects also) while enjoying each other's company. We help each other learn new ways of sewing.

Kaffeeklatsch invites men of all ages for coffee and discussions about current events. They meet weekly on Thursday mornings at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall of FELC. For more information, please contact Paul Amundson at


Women in Prayer meet to pray for the needs of our congregation and personal requests. Join us Wednesdays at 1:00 pm in the library. Contact Carole Mason 208-201-7905 or Marda Kirkwood 1-253-332-4023 for more information.

Women’s Bible Study meets Wednesdays at 2:00 pm in the library. There is no outside reading or homework. Contact Carole Mason 208-201-7905 or Marda Kirkwood 1-253-332-4023 for more information.