Welcome to Worship!


We welcome all people to participate with us in Sunday worship. Our service starts at 10:15 am; Bible study and Sunday school start at 9:00 am. The adult choir also practices during this time.

Church Seasons

The church calendar year is divided into three main seasons that revolve around Easter and Christmas. The beginning of the church year starts in December with the first Sunday in Advent. The Advent season consists of four Sundays before the Christmas Season. This includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, lasting until the second Sunday after Christmas. The Epiphany Season is then the time before the Easter season in the spring.

The Time of Easter begins with Lent and Ash Wednesday. There are five Sundays in the Lenten season, which leads into Holy Week. Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week, which includes Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday), Good Friday and ends on Holy Saturday. Easter Sunday celebrates the Resurrection of Our Lord; this marks the beginning of the Easter Season, during which the Ascension of Our Lord is observed. Pentecost follows seven weeks after Easter Sunday; it is the last Sunday of the Easter season when the Holy Spirit first descended on the disciples after the Resurrection.

The season after Pentecost is a time of the church, lasting from Pentecost to the end of the church year in November. This is a time of reflection and study of Christ's teachings here on earth.