Youth and Family Ministry

Charter Statement:

The Youth and Family Ministry Team, working in partnership with the Pastors, nurtures our youth and encourages our families through answering Jesus command in Matthew 28:16 - 20 to fulfill the Great Commission and to make Disciples.
A Disciple:

  • Knows what they believe and call tell someone else and has a working knowledge of the Word of God (Faith generating activities that encourage us to grow.)
  • Understands their Spiritual Gifts (Intergenerational activities where our different talents and gifts can be shared across many generations of people.)
  • Is active in Serving (Service activities where we can help those in need and give back to God's people.)
  • Is connected to the Body of Christ (At all faith, intergenerational and service activities, our fellowship together will grow us deeper to Christ.)
  • Makes more Disciples (Celebrates our success with some wonderful Lutheran Fun!)
The ministry team will incorporate these Disciple traits into our gatherings together, as we will strive to be Balanced (amongst all age groups), Deliberate (gatherings with purpose), and Prioritized (coordinated against the limits of time, energy and talents.) In addition to fulfilling the Great Commission, we will organize our activities and gatherings to be in compliance with the FELC safe boundaries policy, vehicle policy, and insurance policy to reduce the risk of liability to our church.
Some of the activities and gatherings we will schedule and organize include (but are NOT limited to) the following:
  • Set up, prepare and serve Easter Breakfast
  • Chaperone / organize participation in local Christian concerts
  • Monthly campfire, games, Luther Heights camp songs and devotions around the cross
  • Monthly youth group activities & gatherings to specific age groups
  • Car wash & lemon aide stand fundraisers
  • Italian dinner fundraisers
  • Mission Trip
  • Christmas caroling to our shut in's
  • Service activities as requirements for the mission trip
  • Mission Trip presentation
  • Intergenerational activities to foster relationships amongst all ages
The Ministry Team shall:
  1. Be examples of faith by our actions, words, and activities by honoring and following First Evangelical Lutheran Church's Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs.
  2. Plan activities and gatherings which assure that opportunities designed for youth and families follow the key points of a Disciple.
  3. Establish balance in focusing, our time, energy, and ministry team resources to equitably provide quality activities and gatherings for ALL ages of First Evangelical Lutheran's youth. No particular age group's needs will overshadow any other particular age group.
  4. Help plan and promote opportunities for youth and families to attend classes, programs, or other activities and gatherings together. Promote these activities through FELC communication channels such as newsletters, bulletins, emails, website calendars.
  5. Help nominate a Youth Representative to serve on the Congregational Council.
  6. Encourage youth to attend summer Bible Camp, Vacation Bible School or other ways to remain actively involved in a faith walk during the summer.
  7. Serve as a liaison between the youth as a group, the council and the congregation as a whole to promote support between all these groups.
  8. Establish activities with other ministry teams at First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Administration, Christian Education, Fellowship, Finance, Music & Worship, Outreach, Care & Concern, Property, and Missions) to ensure church wide collaboration.
  9. Meet monthly, September - May and report minutes to the Congregational Council.
  10. Gain approval for fundraising activities from the Church Council.
  11. Be conservative and faithful in our specific area of serving First Evangelical Lutheran Church and be good stewards of the resources and gifts that God and the congregation have entrusted to us.
  1. Develop and oversee the Youth and Family Ministry Team Budget.
  2. Approve voucher expenses from sub accounts of the Youth and Family Budget.
Reporting Requirements
  1. In the months the team meets, the Church Council Liaison will give either a written or verbal report to the Church Council at their monthly meeting.
  2. Submit a Youth and Family Ministry proposed budget for the upcoming year to the Finance Ministry Team, at the time requested, to be presented with the entire budget at the annual meeting.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Young people are treasures and youth ministry is a vitally important part of First Evangelical Lutheran! Many opportunities are provided for youth to be actively involved in the life of the church. New ideas are always welcome. The youth here at First are gifted, loving, exciting, curious, and full of life! Our prayer is that you find a home here amongst us and as youth and parents of youth, you feel welcome to join us and be a part of this ministry.