Charter Statement:

The Property Ministry shall see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation and shall take care that it is kept in good repair and adequately insured. This committee shall maintain and update yearly a five-year projection of foreseeable maintenance and replacement costs. It shall recommend to the Council adequate types and base of insurance coverage for congregational properties and liabilities. The Property Ministry will make recommendations on custodial staffing needs, provide input on job descriptions, and performance evaluations.


  • Building Maintenance: plumbing, electrical, paint, carpentry, general repairs
  • Landscaping and flowerbed maintenance
  • Sprinkler System maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Conducts annual spring-cleaning day
  • Propose annual budget and annual report for the team to be presented at the annual meeting.
  • Make recommendations to Council with regard to hiring/terminating custodial and maintenance staff.
  • Make recommendations for and/or conduct projects for the improvement of the property.
  • Work with office staff for suggestions and estimates for improvements.
  • Contract with service providers for parking lot snow removal, lawn mowing, and other services as needed.
  • The team ministry chairperson has authority to sign vouchers authorizing expenditures within budgeted amounts. In addition, they have flexibility involving specific categories providing that bottom line total amount spent does not exceed total Property budget, unless otherwise authorized by church council and finance team.
Reporting Requirements:
  • Submit draft budget and annual report to the Council.
  • Report to office staff, council and/or pastor of activities.

What exactly does this Ministry do?

  • Building Maintainance: plumbing, electrical, paint, carpentry, general repairs
  • Landscaping and flowerbed maintainance
  • Maintains sprinkler system
  • Snow removal from church sidewalks
  • Conducts annual spring-cleaning day
  • Decorates church for Christmas season