Fellowship Ministry

Charter Statement:
The Fellowship Ministry Team is chartered to oversee functions using the church Fellowship Hall and kitchen area. The ministry promotes involvement in church activities that allow for social fellowship with others in our congregation and outside of the church family. Avenues for this fellowship are participation in "Friends in Fellowship" coffee hour, the Annual Church Campout in Island Park weekend, Ecumenical Soup and Sandwich after special services, Sunnyside Saints Luncheon (last Thursday of each month), Christian League Softball teams, annual Laverne Stockton Memorial Motorcycle ride.


  1. Supporting functions that use the church Fellowship Hall and kitchen area.
  2. Supporting other ministries as they use the church Fellowship Hall and kitchen area (weddings, funeral meals, Christmas Cantata, First Communion celebration, etc.).
  3. Promoting social activities outside of the church structure. (Softball, motorcycle ride, campout, picnics).
  4. Purchasing products needed in the kitchen (kitchen cleaning products, paper/disposable serving items, coffee and occasionally equipment).
  1. Provide products and occasionally food to functions.
  2. Obtain kitchen help when requested.
Reporting Requirements:
  1. Submit a proposed budget and annual report to the Congregation Council in time for the annual congregational meeting.
  2. Report monthly, via liaison, on progress, issues and other matters to the Church Council.
  3. Purchasing supplies for the kitchen and special events will be approved by ministry chairperson and/or Pastor.

Outreach Ministry

Charter Statement:
The Outreach Ministry Team is chartered to serve as a focal point to reach out in Christian love in our local area and beyond. This ministry promotes the expression that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Outreach encourages members to build bridges using the love and message of Christ to serve his people. There are numerous avenues for this outreach, some of which involve FELC directly (e.g. asking others to the Cantata, greeters at church, men's group, offering our church for meetings, etc.), while some involve support to other service organizations or undertakings identified through the Mission team (e.g. soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, in-home Bible/book studies, etc.). So, rather than focus only on bringing in new members, the focus of outreach is to bring people to know and share the love of Christ in whatever way they are moved and wherever these interactions occur (e.g. at work, play or worship). Specifically, this ministry coordinates new member activities and is charged with seeking out and providing learning opportunities to members on proven and effective ways to bring others to know and embrace the love of Christ. This ministry team studies local demographics and community needs. It recognizes that diversity of the people and generations in our local community and realizes the complexity of reaching out in an evangelical way to all of God's people, whether full of His Spirit or not. Yet, we will strive to do so, with God's love.


  1. Coordinate new member activities and help others to always extend a welcome.
  2. Encourage members to support community outreach/service opportunities.
  3. Study local area demographics and needs and seek ways to fulfill these needs.
  4. Identify and provide learning opportunities for members on effective ways to reach out/evangelize.
  5. Coordinate other outreach events (e.g. with area churches, community events, etc.).
  6. Support other ministry teams in their respective outreach efforts. This includes support for local area advertising of outreach/service-related/mission events.
  7. Establish/re-evaluate annual team goals.
  8. Coordinate major outreach events through the Church Council.
  1. Control expenditures in accordance with annual approved budget.
Reporting Requirements:
  1. Submit a proposed budget and annual report to the Congregation Council in time for the annual congregational meeting.
  2. Report monthly, via liaison, on progress, issues and other matters to the Church Council

The following are just some of the examples of ministries that are available through First Lutheran Church:

Coffee Hour
After Sunday services: come enjoy coffee (and goodies) after Sunday services in the Fellowship Hall.
Men's Kaffeeklatsch
"Kaffeeklatsch" is German for a "group or meeting, enjoying coffee and talking". This informal group meeting is held every Thursday at 10:00 am in the lounge of the church. The purpose and only requisite of the group is to enjoy coffee, varied desserts, good friendship, good conversation and good objective discussion of local, national and international subjects and events.
Monthly Breakfast at Fairwinds
Takes place the third Saturday of the month at 8 a.m. All men are invited for a time of fellowship, a shortdevotion/Bible study, prayer, and good food.
Sunnyside Saints Luncheon
Adults 55 and over meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 11:30am at the church for lunch and fellowship. (Run in conjunction with Outreach ministry team)
Happy Stitchers
Happy Stitchers meets every Tuesday to sew quilts, fellowship and monthly Bible Study. Check schedule for meeting times.
Annual Church Camp Out in Island Park
Come camp out with the congregation in Island Park and worship on Sunday at Little Church in the Pines. Activities include floating, golf and a pot-luck dinner.

More Activities

There are several more opportunities to join our fellowship at First Lutheran:

  • Lenten/Advent Soup Suppers
  • Spring Picnic (End of Sunday School)
  • Area Church Softball League
  • Christmas Cantata Brunch
  • Potluck Dinners
  • Congregation Retreats
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