Christian Education

Charter Statement:

The charter of the Christian Education Committee is based on supporting the vision, mission, beliefs, and values stated in the constitution and by-laws. Christian Ed supports all of the constitution and by-laws. The specific items which most directly involve the Christian Education Committee include:

  1. Praising Our God, Loving His People
  2. Growing our faith in Jesus Christ by knowing and studying His inspired Word
Christian Education is the ministry team that coordinates and promotes organized educational activities within the congregation. The ministry team is divided into two sub teams [children and adult] which are covered by one or two liaisons.

  • Provide education which support a Christian life in accordance with the Word of God and the teachings of the Lutheran church
  • Support the Pastor with offering instruction in the bible and supervision of all schools and organizations of this congregation. Impart knowledge of this church and its wider ministry through distribution of Christian periodicals, books and other LCMC Lutheran educational resource publications [e.g. SOL Publishing],
  • The Christian Education of the congregation consists of two general areas of involvement including childhood and adult.
  • The Christian Education team equips and supports teachers.
  • The Christian Education Committee shall manage the annual budget approved by the congregation. The Committee must not exceed one percent of the annual budget without approval of the council. Vouchers,which are submitted for payment, for Christian Education expenditures shall be approved by the Committee Chair or Church Council Liaison(s), or such other person(s) as may be approved in writing by the committee for a particular project, expense or period of time.
  • Before purchasing items members of the committee should consult with the committee chair to discuss and accept the charges.
The Christian Education Committee exists to aid in ministering to the disciples in this congregation and to all persons who can be reached with the Gospel of Christ. The congregation at its meeting may guide their activities and receive reports concerning their membership, work, and finances. The Christian Education Committee will work through the council liaison(s) to keep the council informed.
Specific activities which fall under Christian Education Committee are:
Children education which includes:
  1. GIFT God's Instruction for Today [Sunday School Support]
  2. Vacation Bible School
  3. Luther Heights Day Camp
  4. Baptisms and First Communion
  5. Bibles to Children
  6. Preschool - Budget and special funds
  7. Children's Library Books
  8. Provide for Teacher Appreciation Recognition
Adult Christian ED Responsibilities:
The Adult Christian Education ministry team is chartered to investigate, choose, plan and present Christian study opportunities to the adult membership of FELC. These programs can include men and women specific studies as well as co-educational groups. This team will also monitor and evaluate on going adult programs. Responsibilities will include preparing and administering a budget, facility scheduling, timely advertising of programs, annual reporting to the congregation and coordination with the Children's Christian Education ministry team as needed.The goal of all these various programs shall be the discipleship, growth and maturation of the adult membership of FELC and the development of spiritual leadership within the adult congregation. Authorities:
  • All authority rests with the full congregation
  • The by-laws contain sufficient administrative and organizational detail so as to act as the basis for administration of the congregation including the committees. It contains section[s] covering intra-congregation and extra-congregational activities.
  • The Christian Education Committee shall be responsible to develop, and change (as necessary) the charters of the ministry team. The Church Council will be responsible for approval of the charter.
  • The committees reserves the right to operate and make on-going management decisions as defined by this charter.
Reporting Requirements:
Members the committee and the chairperson may be elected at the annual congregation meeting or, as necessary, appointed by the Congregation Council from the roll of disciples in this congregation for renewable one year terms. Committee and ministry chairpersons will report to the Congregation Council on the pursuit of their activities in accordance with the budgets and scope authorized by the congregation and Congregation Council. Reporting to the Congregation Council as delegated by the congregation. These authorities are delineated in appropriate sections of the Constitution and the Bylaws. The Christian Education Committee shall submit a year-end report to the congregation at the legally called annual congregation meeting. The year end report shall include input provided by the adult education portion. The Christian Education Committee shall submit an annual budget to the treasurer and finance committee and the council for approval. The Christian Education Committee will support their portion of the budget at the legally called annual congregation meeting. Vouchers for Christian Education expenditures shall be approved by the Committee Chair or Church Council Liaison, or such other person(s) as may be approved in writing by the committee for a particular project, expense or period of time.

What exactly does this Ministry cover?

  • Sunday School, including the Sunday School program
  • Sunday Bible Studies
  • Group Education classes
  • Bible presentations/First Communion/Confirmation
  • Early Childhood Mission (includes Family Literacy program, First Lutheran Preschool and Cornerstone Learning Center)
  • Luther Heights week long Bible camp at First Lutheran
  • Vacation Bible School

Christian Education Ministry Goals

  • Continuing with our Marriage Enrichment Program.
  • Supporting Adult Bible Study opportunities.
  • Teaching workshops and support opportunities for Sunday School teachers.
  • Leadership training for Council Members and Ministry Chairpersons.
  • Continue to build our Children's Library and beginning a loan-out program.
  • Supporting the Children's Literacy Program.
  • Intergeneration activities with another ministry team.
  • Coordinating activities with the Youth Committee for elementary through high school.
  • Seek substitute nursery attendants.