Care & Concern Ministry

Charter Statement:

The Care & Concern Ministry Team is chartered to oversee the extension of Christian compassion and aid to members and non-members having special needs and shall help all other members of the congregation to do likewise They shall act as a liaison between these ministries and the congregation and council, communicating needs, opportunities and social concerns within the congregation. This ministry will offer service (as deemed appropriate by the team and Pastoral staff and/or church council) to members and non-members alike who are in need of care.


  1. Avenues for this Care & Concern Ministry are participation in: Stephen Ministry; Prayer Chain; Funeral Meals; Care Notes Ministry; Prayer Shawl Ministry; Meals for Members in Crisis; Transportation to and from church; Parish Nurse program; Hospice Support; and support of our Pastoral staff.
  2. Supporting functions that support the Charter Statement above.
  3. Supporting other ministry teams through offers of prayer, activity volunteers and communications as deemed appropriate by the ministry team and/or congregation.
  4. Purchasing supplies needed to support the various groups that fall under Care and Concern, i.e. prayer shawl supplies, care notes, funeral meals supplies, Happy Stitchers, Stephen Ministry materials and if appropriate (as deemed by the ministry team/church council) special funding on a case by case basis, as necessary to support the Ministries of Care and Concern for our fellow Christians.
  1. Propose annual budget and annual report for the team to be presented at the annual meeting.
  2. The team ministry chairperson and the council liaison have authority to sign vouchers authorizing expenditures within budgeted amounts. In addition, they have flexibility involving specific categories providing that bottom line total amount spent does not exceed total Care and Concern budget, unless otherwise authorized by church council and finance team.
Reporting Requirements:
  1. Submit draft budget and annual report to the Council.
  2. Meet periodically as a team.

Prayer Chain
A group of volunteers who pray for members and non-members on request.
Funeral Meals
Meals after funerals or memorials are provided as requested by families.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
A handmade shawl embedded with prayer and the blessing of the Pastor is presented to give comfort to those experiencing a crisis.
Parish Nursing/Wellness
Blood Pressure checks the second Sunday of the month, in the fellowship hall, after worship (during fellowship hour). There will be a partitioned area for privacy.
Periodically offer basic health care such as blood pressure checks, explain prescribed medications, monitor health issues such as members needing coordination of medical needs etc.
Care Notes
Provides a display of inspirational brochures.
Senior Fellowship Luncheons
Host monthly luncheons with a variety of programs.
Hospice Support
Represent congregation to communicate needs for the dying.
Visitation Pastors
Hospital or home visits by pastors on staff, offering communion when requested.
Stephen Ministry
Extends the congregation's care to persons in crisis by the pastor matching individuals with Stephen ministers for one-on-one Christian caregiving. Visit our website concerning this ministry here.
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Care and Concern Ministry Goals

Continue to support the administrative needs of Stephen Ministry:

  • Assure that gifted leaders attend Leadership Training and offer training to more Ministry candidates as the need arises;
  • Evaluate the program to fit FELC needs.

Offer assistance and support to any other committee with their needs.

Continue to contact names on the Time & Talent lists at least once a year so that each knows they have been recognized as offering their time and talent at FELC. This call can be a request for help or just a friendly greeting and thank you.

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